Semiempirical Quantum Mechanics
with State-of-the-Art Graphics

Faster. Smarter. Just Better.

AMPAC™ is Semichem's flagship product and is a complete semiempirical quantum mechanical program. AMPAC™ also includes a graphical user interface (GUI) for building and visualization. Semichem offers full customer support on all of its software by knowledgeable scientists.

TEST We are proud to release AMPAC 10™ with Graphical User Interface, which represents our seventh major update since  1992. We have responded to your suggestions and requests, and we know that the new version will be useful in your work.  Some of the most important new features include the PM6 semiempirical method and an extensive overhaul of AGUI.  We have a new and flexible licensing structure, and we still offer very generous site-license prices for academic users.

Quantitative Structure/Activity Relationships (QSAR)

Real Life answers to Real Life Questions

CODESSA™ is an advanced, full featured Quantitative Structure/Activity Relationship (QSAR) program that ties information from AMPAC™, Gaussian™, and AIMALL™ to experimental data. Many papers have already been published demonstrating CODESSA™ and AMPAC™ predicting both chemical and physical properties as well as biological activities.  CODESSA™ is the result of collaboration between Semichem and Professors Alan Katritzky (U. of Florida) and Mati Karelson (U. of Tartu, Estonia).